Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today something happened that restored my faith. I was trying to take a shuttle to the National Air and Space Museum, which cost $0.50. It finally arrived and I boarded, handing the driver a $5 bill only to be told that only $1's were accepted. I was given 90 seconds to find change or lose my ride. I ran over to the waiting line for the bus that goes to the city. I started asking people for change for a 5, and nobody had it. Then a guy traveling with his daughter waved me over and asked what I needed. I explained and he just gave me a $1 bill and told me not to worry about it. Given how bumpy this trip has been so far, this was an unexpected bright spot. The museum was neat and I got to see a lot of cool planes in addition to a nifty IMAX about tornadoes.
Stearman Biplane
Every time I see a plane of any sort I am reminded of my grandfather, who is a pilot and plane buff. He used to take my brother and I to plane shows when we were growing up and I even got to fly with him a couple of times. He would love this museum and especially the great selection of biplanes like the Stearman above, which he used to fly.
Requisite shot with shuttle. It was huge!
After the museum I went out to dinner with some friends, who drove the whole way out to Dulles after long day of work to take me out. Afterwards they took me back to the airport and sent me off in person. It's hard to explain how good it was to catch up with good folks who I don't get to see as often as I'd like. No matter how hard I try I can never manage to pay for a meal when I visit them, despite the fact that they were doing me a huge favor. Good food and excellent company make for a terrific sendoff!

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  1. We were so excited to get a visit in with you before your trip! If only we had the vacation days to be able to come visit;)