Thursday, June 28, 2012

Argentine Rockets and Quotes

Today I got the chance to see some rocket launches when I visited a school called Normal Mixta. It was really fun to hang out with the students in a more informal setting.

Mounting the rocket onto the launcher

Close-up of the rocket
Troubleshooting a broken pump

All set for launch
I shot some video. Nothing spectacular, but it gives you an idea of what was going on. By the way, I shot one of the videos using the high-speed setting on my camera. Pretty neat.
Normal speed

High Speed

Headed back inside. Notice the unicorn mural- JC that's for you!

Some of the students from Normal Mixta
This afternoon I went to visit a nearby public school. It was my first visit to a true public school, and it was really interesting. I found the students to be very engaging and interested in what I was doing.

Group Photo
Quote of the day: A student in a class I visited today spoke excellent English. After completing my questionnaire, she told me that she wrote in English so it would be easier for me. I was just looking through the results, and two things caught my eye.

First of all, one of my questions is whether or not males anturally tend to be better at physics than females. I was not suggesting that there is a difference, rather I was looking to see what students' impressions were. Next to the question this student wrote "What's wrong with you? Not cool!"  I was thrilled to read this, and can't wait until next week when I can explain my intentions in person.

Also, at the end in the comments section she wrote: "...your Spanish sounds funny but we like you anyway." I'll take it so long as they can understand me and vice versa!

Other notable heartwarming quotes:
"I think that making these tests is a great idea, since nobody thinks about their values anymore (that sucks) and I hope we have another of these tests soon."

"I really like the idea of trying to improve physics education here, because some of my classmates and I find it to be a difficult and tedious subject."

"Welcome to Argentina, I hope that it treats you well and that my questionnaire helps with your project- I am happy to help. Good luck! Take care!"
Emilliano and I

Thanks everyone!

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